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Burnett Homeopathy Pvt. Ltd. has already launched many Proprietary medicines in the form of drops & syrups, soon we will be coming up with Mother tinctures, Dilutions, Biochemical, Bio-combinations, Proprietary Tablets & Cosmetic products. We are committed to work indefatigably and dedicatedly to provide uncompromising quality products, to serve humanity and make a difference. We also commit you to provide utmost importance to Patient Focussed health care that is readily accessible, cost effective to meets the needs of the communities, unleashing a revolution in the field of Homeopathic manufacturing industry.

The Company has embarked on a mission to uplift Homeopathy, with unparalleled passion, aiming to manufacture Superior Quality medicines, as per the guidelines of our Master, Sir Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. Keeping in mind about the changing mainstream in Homeopathic Pharmaceutical industry, we are planning to go global in our operations for faster and proper growth. All Pharmaceutical products are presently generated at our Manufacturing unit which is well equipped with modern technology and top-notch infrastructure, that each individual product complies with our high standards of integrity and purity. The raw materials are imported from authentic sources, ENA Grade Alcohol the purest form of alcohol is used & the back potencies are prepared under computerized control on computerized back potentizer. We have developed state of art laboratory where namely, Microtomy, Thin-layer Chromatography, Calorimetry, Spectrophotometric analysis & Stereomicroscopy are conducted for Herbs, Mother tinctures & Finished products.


Homeopathy with unparalleled passion, aiming to manufacture Superior Quality medicines, as per the guidelines of our Master, Sir Christian Friedrich

Samuel Hahnemann


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