Argan Hair Oil (120ML)



Argan Hair Oil with goodness of Chemomila & Chenopodium Nourishes scalp, helps in hair re-growth and removes dandruff.

Benefits : Argan hair oil is very effective medicine for Baldness , pre – mature hairfall , pre – mature hair grey . It also helps in the treatment of headache , fights dandruff and makes hair soft and shiny and provides volume to hair.argan hair oil also cure scalp irritation , dryness and keeps our scalp healthy which helps in hair re – growth . It acts as an anti – oxidant which helps in hair – growth and provides tensile strength to hair . Dr. Burnett argan hair oil is created to treat all kinds of hair related problems and especially it is very helpful to our young generations who suffers from baldness at a very young age .

Composition :

  • Moroccan argan oil 30 %
  • Gardenia oil 10 % Chamomilla oil 10 %
  • Tea tree oil 5 %
  • Jatamasi oil 10 %
  • Macademia oil 10 %
  • Chenopodium quinoa seed extract
  • Tocopherol

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